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 Advanced Construction Technology (LTD): LTD is our north American head quarter to present  an innovative technique for  retrofitting the existing reinforced concrete structures and a mechanical coupler for the reinforcing bars.

THE RETROFITTING TECHNIQUE is based on applying active external confining pressure along the element length through a set of angles and and/or plates fixing between them using number of strips.

The method is patented is USA under the number of 6,718,723, in Egypt under the number of 2,1647 & 2,3111 and application number 2,325,706 in Canada. This technique is called The Mechanical strengthening technique (MST)

The Retrofitting Technique duplicates the strength and ductility of the RC elements without Significantly increasing the dimensions or weights of these elements, or even without harming the concrete section. In addition the technique is performed so quickly, no setting time is needed as in other traditional techniques and performed without inducing local stresses in some parts of the element to the strengthened.


THE MECHANICAL COUPLER FOR REINFORCING BARS presented by the company have the following features:

         The coupler dos not affect the effective cross-section area of the reinforcing bars as in case of threading and not need for increasing the bar diameter before making threading.

         The coupler dose not concentrate stresses at certain points as in case of notching.

         No need for extra quality control, skilled worker or additional supervision.

         Full load transfer.

The international Application Number of the method is PCT/EG 2005/000014

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