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Corporate Profile and experience

ACT is a North American Based company specialized in innovative techniques for Reinforced concrete structures (RCS). The company focusing on the implementations of OUR recent registered patents in the field of retrofitting and mechanical couplers for RC commercial, distributor, industrial and construction companies.

Our goal is to add long life years to facilities while increasing super structure resistance to all different stresses, loads and earthquakes resistance.

Our technique is still the only complete solution method that treats beams and columns in a high efficient fashion in very cost effective way.

Our technique has been usefully implemented in numerous facilities in the Middle East where it was first registered. And now, and after our patented technique is approved and registered in North America, we are proud to introduce ourselves to benefit this new market.


1- Innovative techniques for solving the complicated problems in RC structures, soil and foundations.

2- Computer programming.

3- Repairing and Strengthening the reinforced concrete structures.

4- Soil Improvement and new techniques for construction on soft ground.


1- Tutorial work (1989 - 1992 ) at Faculty of Engineering Cairo and Zagazig Universities in the following courses:

2- Teaching Soil mechanics and Foundation Engineering courses.

3- Doctoral student (1993-1996) at department of civil and environmental engineering, Ehime University, JAPAN.

4- Assistant Professor, Zagazig University (1996-2001)

5- Associate Professor, Zagazig University (2002-2005)


Designer and Supervisor Over a Lot of Structures and Soil Projects


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